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Local Juvenile Justice Services

Are you interested in identifying services to meet the needs of justice involved youth in a particular county? Would you like to know how many evidence based programs we have for justice involved youth across New York? You can now access the Juvenile Justice Services Database to find local programs or to identify certain types of programs, wherever they are located.

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The New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG) is a board of juvenile justice experts from across New York State that is charged with supervising the preparation and administration of New York State’s federal juvenile justice and delinquency prevention plan.  Our website is a home for comprehensive New York State juvenile justice information.  It is designed to share what we know about the New York State juvenile justice system; provide information about legal, policy and funding developments; offer convenient access to the training provided at  JJAG sponsored events; and enhance transparency in the JJAG’s work to promote accountability, effectiveness, and innovation in New York State’s juvenile justice system.

What's New...

School Arrest Diversion—Memorandum of Agreement Workshop
November 12-13, 2014

Judge Steven Teske, Chief Judge, Juvenile Court, Clayton County, GA, and his team – School Superintendent, Chief of Police for Schools, Administrator of the Clayton County System of Care, Chief of Staff of Juvenile Court, and Applied Leadership Network Leader for Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative – will work with stakeholders to organize and create a plan to develop a written agreement that will reduce school referrals to court. The team will also work with stakeholders to develop a plan of building a collective impact system unique to their community that is the "bridge" between the school system and community providers to refer chronically disruptive students for assessment and services to reduce student misbehavior and promote the likelihood of graduation.

School Climate Workshop
November 19-20, 2014

Richard Cardillo, Director of Education, and Jessica Savage, Esq., Policy and Legal Director, at the National School Climate Center will work with stakeholders to organize and create a plan to address these questions: Are you and your students eager to come to school each day? Do they feel safe and engaged in learning and school life? Does your school measure and recognize the social, emotional and civic dimensions of learning? Do you use school climate data to build community, shape implementation efforts, promote safe and ‘connected’ schools?


We hope you will assemble a team and apply for a slot for either or both of these no cost workshops. Also, please feel free to pass the attached Details and Application document along to your colleagues.

Regional Youth Justice Team Updates

New Regional Youth Justice Teams have been formed to further implement New York State’s strategic plan for juvenile justice (Safe Communities, Successful Youth: A Shared Vision for the New York State Juvenile Justice System).Each team has had its initial regional meeting as the second round of meetings are currently under way. The statewide Regional Youth Justice Teams are:

If you are interested in becoming part of a regional team, click on the links above to identify which region your county is a part of, and who your team liaison is. Please contact the appropriate liaison for detailed meeting information.